My Parent's House

For years now we have heard our dad talk of building a house. To be honest, though, we kids were all a bit skeptical this house would ever come to fruition (especially me - haha!) Well, lo and behold, they are just a few finishing details away from moving in! Seeing how I am sure in the years to come I will be showing more photos of the finished rooms I thought I would show you some of the rooms right now before they are quite done. 

This is the kitchen. When I took this shot one of the lanterns was hung. The other lantern will soon be going up in that hole you can see to the right of the hanging one. Also none of the knobs or pulls have come in yet but hopefully will be here soon. I have to say I am in LOVE with the kitchen and blown away with what an amazing job they did! I am so excited about it and how gorgeous it turned out.

From this view you can see the dining room to the left and the den to the right. There's also a little breakfast nook area but I didn't get any photos of that this time.

This is the great room.  It still needs the finishing paint job on the mantel. The french doors lead out to a sunroom.

This is the guest room (or Lillie and Lola's room when we come to visit). =)

The master bathroom.

The master bedroom.

Here is the exterior. It hasn't been painted yet or had any landscaping done. 

I love the garage that looks like a barn. The garage doors arrived the day after I took these pictures. I can't wait to see them. They are going to add a weathervane on top of the cupola which I can't wait for.

I will try to take some updated pictures of any rooms that have anything more finished with them before we head back to VA. And then I can't wait to show you some finished rooms when we come back up here either this fall or at Christmas! 

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